Ella the beautiful.

”We are living in a jungle!”

It looks like it but it’s not that scary jungle you would imagine. Palm trees and other luscious surroundings embrace us but as I write this I have wifi, a computer and tea  beside me. This is nice 🙂

We’re staying at Peter’s Inn and we’re living in his house. His family keeps to itself and we only see them from time to time. It’s not very hot, it’s actually typical spring weather. Hot during the day and cold at night. I don’t think we saw spring in 2013 in Slovenia.

We hiked Little Adam’s Peak trough tea fields and yesterday we went for a quick run. I must admit I am out of shape. Shiiiiieeeet. Adam’s Peak is waiting for us in a couple of days and that’s not an easy cookie. We’ll manage 🙂 We got to eat some good tuna with vegetables in Dream Cafe. So soft and delicious 🙂 And we made our own dessert! Vanilla yogurt and fresh passion fruit. Nooom!

Of course we couldn’t resist renting a scooter and we drove to see the Hallpewatte Tea factory. Oooooh, the tea! We had our own tour guide who was very knowledgeable and we did tea tasting in the end. Cup of tea on the top of the factory was kinda magical. On the way back we eat some cooked corn and played cricket with local kids. We did pretty good they said!

I have to go now, chicken kottu rotti is waiting for me 😉


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