Everyday Dal Bhat.

One would think that India and Nepal are very alike, being so close to each other. But Nepal is very much different.

  • Dal Bhat is like an Indian thali, but it has less stuff in.
  • All women have nail polish on their toes
  • Every hotel and guesthouse has flipflops in their bathroom (so you don’t have to walk barefoot in the bathroom? I still don’t know.)
  • They don’t like Indians much. They think Indians are loud and don’t care for the enviroment. But that doesn’t stop them wanting to work there. Bigger paycheck.
  • Namaste is an universal hello.
  • They are more enviroment councious hence the streets are cleaner.
  • People don’t chew the red bethel and you don’t see much red teeth.
  • Money: For us all the ATMs take additional Rs400, you can withdraw up to Rs35000.
  • Restaurants can have no tax, 10% tax or 10% and 13% tax/VAT. The prices can be quite higher than written on the menu. We asked about the tax before entering the restaurant and they decided on the spot if they have both taxes or not. Usually they said that they have only 10%.
  • Electricity is bad, it’s gone at least couple of hours a day, in winter they get only couple hours per day!
  • WiFis are not working good,and prepaid data is quite expensive (6 eur for 1GB) and doesn’t work good for skyping.
  • Roads are really bad and people are nice 🙂
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