Happy 2015!

Happy New Year! πŸ™‚

Rum in a coconut. Heaviest glass ever.

We haven’t been posting and making pictures much because we feel so content here, in Port Barton.
This is how a day looks:
– 5.45: Mic slowly wakes up and goes to the beach to meditate and drinks his firs coconut.
– 7.30: Mic wakes me up
– 7.45: we drink organic coffee from Port Barton with our roommates listening to Pierre, the tattooed Swedish guy, talking about magic mushrooms.
– 8.30: we go to eat breakfast with calamansi lemonade at the cute restaurant Gacayan, where Hans from Sweden already sits at our table.
– 9.30: NataΕ‘a, our Russian Izraeli soul mate, sets up a slackline and so we line up with a bunch of local kids. So tricky! We cool down in the calm ocean.
– 11.00: Mic and me drink a coconut with our coconut man.
– 12.00: Mic is getting hAngry. I haven’t felt hunger fur days.
– 12.30: lunch of a curry dish with rice, a soft drink and fruit for only 50P or less than 1€.
– 13.30: Spanish people say SIESTA! and we agree πŸ™‚
– 14.30: time for reading! Mic is obsessed with Stephen King and I just started with 1Q84 from Murakami.
– 17.00: yoga with meditation with Nick who just passed his TTC and encourages pigeon sounds during the pigeon pose.
– 18.30: dinner, usually in a cheap restaurant, but sometimes in the delicious Evergreen.
– 19.00: having a beer at our guesthouse, sharing the local news. How many Choco Mucho is still left in the shops. Did the Chilean couple broke up? What plane crashed today?
– 21.00: sleep like a baby till morning if a centipede doesn’t bite you (like it bit Mic today).

Our camera is having a rest so here are a few pictures from the NY’s eve πŸ™‚

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