Ho Chi Minh, baby!

We have a spotless room. Clean bedsheets. Two towels each. Hot shower. For 10$. It feels soooo good.
We are in Ho Chi Minh city, the capital of South Vietnam. It’s bright, full of bars, street sellers, good food.

What did we do today?
– we ate real bread after 10 months! Yuuuuum.
– we drank 4 delicious Vietnamese coffees and 5 cold beers.
– I wore shorts!
– we saw the biggest market in Ho Chi Minh.
– we saw a war museum and almost cried for couple of times (I’m even more angry with American war strategy) while looking of the pictures of mutilated children

– Mic used soap when showering.

– we had a foot massage.
– we crossed a crazy busy 10 lane street full of motorbikes and survived.

And all in a nice company of a Polish guy, traveling the world, we met in the airport 🙂 Good day.


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