Living in Chiang Mai.

Here we are. In a beautiful apartment/room, in only 4 moths old building which is just 7 minutes with a bike from the old city center. We have to present a fingerprint to get in the building and ontop of the building there’s a beautiful spacious rooftop where we can do yoga in a romantic atmosphere of city lights. And a bit of smog, too but who cares.

We came to Chiang mai after 14 hours on the bus and stepped into apartment-searching right away. On rented bikes we explored the old city for monthly rental options but it didn’t look good. It’s still the high season and the prices are not friendly at all.


So we decided to look elsewhere. We drove to the student area and found lovely new building called SB residence on Tanin Rd. Rent with all the expenses is 200 eur, it’s light, has 3 desks to work on and the food market with hundreds of tiny restaurants is only couple of minutes away.

We’ll stay here for the next 2 months, living in Chiang Mai,  working on some projects and our travel blogs and then… We don’t know 🙂

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