Making long flight easy.

Flying is usually an exciting experience … For the first couple of hours. But then it starts to feel like a nightmare. Cold, dry air, lack of space and noisy neighbors are few things that you can not avoid. But you can prepare yourself and make a long flight easier.

  1. Drink water. Airplane air is very dry so be sure to buy plenty of water in Duty Free zone, because you get a small cup every few hours (I usually order two at a time). Of course you can always ask for more or get it from flight attendant. If you can, avoid alcohol and caffeine, because it will dehydrate you even more.
  2. Eat healthy snacks. Like nuts, fruit or vegetables (apples, carrots). You never know when your flight will be delayed (and airport food is crazy expensive).
  3. Move around.  Because of sitting for a long time during the flight, blood cloths can occur. Take a walk around the plane every few hours and flex your leg muscles while sitting. Take an Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) which thins the blood. Don’t cross your feet! Try to prop them on a piece of luggage.
  4. Try to sleep. Do not forget good ear plugs, cover your eyes with sleeping mask and if you need to relax, try some herbal remedies or sleeping pills. Whatever gets you sleepy 🙂
  5. Hydrate dry areas. Even if you drink enough water, as mentioned above, skin can get very dry. Keep a cream handy, which you can use on the face and hands (you can also use it inside the nose, area which gets annoyingly dry)don’t forget the lip balm, and think about hydrating eye drops. They are a great relief for sore eyes.
  6. Dress in layers. First of all, dress in comfortable clothes. Also change of temperature is very common during flying, so be prepared for hot and cold.

Our flights are 5 and 6 hours long, which is not that bad. Only 13 days to go!

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