Newari kitchen.

We like to treat ourselves with food from time to time. And we really wanted to try the Newari food here in Nepal. Newari are an ethnic group in Nepal who had a strong role in forming the culture.

They are stated to have some weird food on their menu like raw meet and bloody sausage. Eeew. We decided to go to Thamel House restaurant where they have a menu for 950/1050 (without VAT) for veg/nonveg menu.

We ate:


  • Alu Tareko: fried potato with spices
  • Momo: steamed dumplings with minced mutton meat
  • Surowa (soup): beans soup.

Main Dish

  • Sada Bhuja: Rice
  • Kalo Dal: black lentils on butter
  • Khasi Ko Ledo: rich gravy mutton dish
  • Bandhal Tareko: roasted wild boar
  • Kukhura ko Sekuwa: marinated grilled chicken
  • Mis Mas Tarkeri: Mixed vegetables
  • Saag: spinach


  • yogurt with cinnamon and nuts


  • tea/coffee
  • roxy (local wine, but it’s hard drink)

It was delicious! My favorites were the soup, momos, chicken, black lentils and dessert. And roxy wasn’t bad either 😉

Oh, and they give you seconds!

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