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Clear blue sea and a few boats on Banda islands.

We’re on the Jakarta airport and I’m barely able to write this post. I’m so sleepy. But we did have an amazing dinner here (beef stew in Baso restaurant on terminal 3, yum!).
We’re watching a strange show about Indonesian exorcist and people around are watching intently. We are laughing 🙂

Fallen leaves look like it's autumn time on a tropical island Hatta. Read more about Banda islands.

Autumn in Hatta. Beautiful. Banda islands.


Here are the last of the pictures of historic Bandaneira and autumn Hatta.
Soon we’ll be in Myanmar, shooting photos with our new camera! Yaaaaaaay!
We just bumped on to a small shop in Ambon and Canon 60D was even cheaper than our previous 100D. Bingo!

Now we just need to find a good lens 🙂

(and I scheduled two videos from Indonesia, now that we finally have good connection :D)

Pictures from Banda islands
View from Banda Neira city to the other islands. Banda islands.

We really wish that everyone of you would get a taste of Banda islands. If you find the time, don’t worry about the money – you will probably spend much less than at home. So the only reason not to go is because you don’t know how to get here and there’s little information on the www? We’ll try to sum up the info we found out 🙂

How to get to Banda islands?

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Snorkeling on island Ai where the underwater life bustles with life. Banda islands.

Banda islands are supposed to have one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. And we have to agree. We’ve snorkeled in Bandaneira, on Ai and Hatta and the coral reef is amazing. Huge corals every shape and size, moving in its life and color.

Red corals and blue sea on island Ai, Banda islands,

Beautiful colors of Banda islands underwater.


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Banda islands are a very important part of the history. The island Ai which was massacred by Brits and Dutch in 1600s, the island that has so much nutmeg that every invader in the history went crazy. Island with 1300 people and island with one of the most beautiful and vibrant coral reefs in the world.
There is no warungs here but there are home-stays where you get all meals included. For 100.000 IDR or 7 eur per person. I really don’t know how it pays up but the food is delicious, every day something new. Lots of fish, typical Maluku food, coffee all day and even fruit snacks.

Us on the Ai port and the clear blue water behind us. Banda islands.

Ai port.


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Now that yesterday’s day is getting further away, it’s time to appreciate the beauty of Banda islands. The sight from the ferry is magnificent. Green hills of thick trees, bushes and palms in the middle of turquoise water, they seem totally different from Key islands. The highest one is Gunung Api, 666 m high volcano from which you can still feel hot air coming out. Banda is hard to come by, three times a week there is a plane to here from Ambon and every 14 days a Pelni ferry (don’t get mugged like we did and read the previous post). People are friendly but they don’t depend on tourism so the vibe is ver local and nice.


666 m high Gunung Api.

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