Rat temple and Camel research center.

These were some fun trips. The rat temple or Karni Mata temple is around 30km away from Bikaner and is quite an attraction. It is easily accessible by bus that costs only Rs20/person and it takes a good hour.
I guess it’s not for people who don’t like rodents but we loved it! I was expecting rats everywhere as they say that there are over 5000 rats but it was really not that bad πŸ™‚ You have to be barefoot so have that in mind. It’s a fine if you step on a rat so mind your feet. If a rat crosses your legs or if you see a white rat, that means good luck. Mic got touched, yes! This took us half a day. And the rest we flew kites. We destroyed four without any successful flying and then Mic really flew a kite, high in the air! And then he tragically lost it in the battle with the tree. Sad day. Just kidding πŸ™‚

The second trip was to the national research centre on camels. It’s open only couple of hours for public and we came at the best time. When camels walk to their stalls and you can see them really close. And the baby camels, soooo cuuute! From almost white ones to dark brown ones. They also sell camel products like bags and necklaces (but only when camel dies) and camel milk and ice cream. Delicious!

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