Travel guide: Ambon, Maluku islands (Indonesia)

If you plan to visit the underwater paradise of banda islands or flour sand like beaches of kei islands, then you need to visit Ambon, the capital of maluku islands and the capital of music!

How to get to Ambon and how to find a hotel in Ambon?

The most comfortable way to get from the airport to the center is by bus Damri (07.30, 13.30, 15.30h) for 30.000 IDR. Buses are usually there according to the airplanes but not always. If you have time and energy (and not so much money), you can do as the locals do. Catch a bemo that waits just outside the airport, by the road. One way will cost you 8.000 – 10.000 IDR. Bemo will stop at the main bus station from where you can take a tricycle to Hotel Beta with rooms for 130.000 IDR.

Where to eat in Ambon?

There’s plenty of food in Ambon. Just walk around the city and choose what you like. Try something from the grill or a local specialty with nutmeg.


1 $ = 13.850 IDR

Few useful words in Bahasa Indonesia

It will make the locals happy 🙂

Good morning = selamat pagi (S’LAH-maht PAH-ghee)

Good afternoon = selamat siang (S’LAH-maht SEE-yang)

Good evening = selamat sore (S’LAH-maht soh-ray)

Good night = selamat malam (S’LAH-maht MAH-lahm)

Thank you = terima kasih (TREE-mah KAH-see)

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