Travel guide: Whale sharks in Oslob (Philippines)

Oslob is a calm village by the sea, famous for whale sharks. You can see a whale shark face to face every morning. Here’s a short Oslob travel guide.

How to get to Oslob?

You will probably arrive to Oslob from Cebu city. In Cebu city you need to go to South bus terminal and catch a bus to Oslob (150 PHP). There are buses driving 24/4. Bus with AC is a bit more expensive.

Where to find a hotel in Oslob?

You can get a room near the road where the bus leaves you. In Oslob it’s cheaper (600 PHP) than near the whale watching place.

Where to eat in Oslob?

In town there are small restaurants and in the evening there’s an evening night ‘market’ with grilled food for a very good price.

What to do in Oslob?

Whale shark watching, of course. You can get a jeepney that starts driving at 5 am just haul it from the road (10 PHP) for 10 min ride. 30 min snorkeling with whale sharks costs 1000 PHP/person which is the official price. You can also dive but it’s more expensive and whale sharks are all on the surface so the snorkeling experience is definitely better. Read about our experience with whale sharks here.


1 $ = 47 PHP

Some useful words 

Hello = Hello, Po (Po is a polite add-on)
Thank you = Thank you Po

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