Travel guide: Padang – Mentawai trekking (Sumatra)

Padang is a city from which you can access Mentawai – surfers paradise Bungus Bay or trekking in Siberut jungle with the tribes, where shamans still exist. Or both.

How to get to Padang?

You will probably fly to Padang. Catch the Damri bus which will take you to the city’s main bus station (15.000 IDR).

Where to find a hotel in Padang?

Close by the main station you can find a room in one of the not-so-many guesthouses. We stayed at one of Bridget’s houses (double rooms from 200.000 IDR, gazillions of mosquitos free of charge). Yani’s homestay has rooms from 100.000 IDR.

Where to eat in Padang?

If you walk by the beach you’ll find plenty of restaurants that serve good grilled seafood.

What to see in Padang?

Nothing much. There’s a national museum with a really cheap entrance fee 🙂 If you plan to go trekking on Siberut ask the guide what do you need for the trekking and buy it in Padang where things are much cheaper than on Siberut.

Read the first, second and third part of our experience and a guide to Mentawai trekking.


1 $ = 13.850 IDR

Few useful words in Bahasa Indonesia

It will make the locals happy 🙂

Good morning = selamat pagi (S’LAH-maht PAH-ghee)

Good afternoon = selamat siang (S’LAH-maht SEE-yang)

Good evening = selamat sore (S’LAH-maht soh-ray)

Good night = selamat malam (S’LAH-maht MAH-lahm)

Thank you = terima kasih (TREE-mah KAH-see)

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