Travelling and its counterpart

Travelling definitely has its own perks and headaches. The perks might come in the form of getting to know new places, their history, their culture, their heritage, new languages, mixing with the locals and even trying out the different delicacies they have while at the same time figuring out your own self and opening up to the greater beyond.

Now comes the not so nice part of travelling. The planning, the booking, the searching for the best deals and the getting to the place will surely be a headache, especially if you are travelling in a large group. Once the planning where to go is done, comes the booking and the searching for the best flights and hotels. Your usual agenda will be opening Google, going on some random travel site, get your hotels that might not be at the cheapest price and getting your flights from one of the low-cost carriers.

But what if I told you that there is a simpler and easier way to get both of it and at the cheapest price too? WHAT?? Yes, it’s true! Traveloka is your answer. Saving your day with cheap flights and great hotel deals that you can never find anywhere, this website will surely come in like superhero to save your day.

Traveloka Malaysia – Offering you cheaper, wider options for hotels and flights

As the next big thing in the South East Asia, here are why Traveloka Malaysia is the ultimate best.

  • Best all-round convenience
    Traveloka offers their wonderlust customers a complete, amazing solution- book for the cheapest flight tickets and hotels all around South East Asia at the SAME TIME with great savings. Your wallet will surely thank you for this.
  • Best Price
    The team behind the brand filters only the best, lowest prices for both flight tickets and hotels in South East Asia so that you never have to bother with other websites.
  • Honest Price
    Be rest assured that there are no hidden, hanky-panky business going on under the table. The price that you see on the website is what you pay at the end. Everything, the extras and whatnot are all included.
  • Promo quick finder
    Check for the cheapest price from the last 48 hours just by clicking on the dates. For impulsive travelers like me, this is so awesome because I get to pick on deals whenever I want. Do keep in mind that the prices are subject to change at any time.


Change the way you book your travel with the all new Traveloka App.

Traveloka, being as amazing as they are, created an app for both the Android and IOS users to find for their ultimate travel deals on the go, straight from their mobile device. Making life easier no matter where you are now, you can find your cheapest Traveloka hotel and flights from over 100,000+ different flights and 600,000+ hotels ranging from budget ones to the comfortable, exclusive 5 star hotels. Not only that, with your account, you can access all your details from the different devices that you have + with the hotel vouchers and e-ticket that are stored in your phone, you are also contributing to a better, pollution free world by going green. Never thought about that right??

So, make Traveloka your go-to booking website for hotels and flights and don’t forget to download the app now for further convenience.

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