We are divers, hell yeah!

Let’s dive!
So we came to Havelock not knowing what to ecpect. Too much tourists, parties everywhere, no silence. Maybe that’s the case in high season. But now, in the end of april and may it was not like that at all. It was different than Neil’s Island for sure but not in a bad way. Not at all.
One thing that everyone does on Havelock is diving. So we said Let’s go! πŸ™‚
We chose Dive India, the first diving school on Havelock Island, and we decided for SSI Open Water course and now we can dive to 18 m. It’s a bit cheaper than PADI, which is on the market longer but it’s almost the same (they are recognizable). We’ve both only snorkeled before and the only problem for both of us was breathing under water. With regulator of course πŸ˜€ The course lasted 4 days, first day consisted of watching several videos with the basic theoretical and practical skills and snorkeling/swimming test. It sounds funny but Indians don’t know how to swim. Only few of them swim very well but most of them just dip their feet in the water.
On the second day Zorawar, our instructor, took us to shallow water for basic training and some emergency skills like mask clearing, different types of ascents, breathing from your buddy’s regulator.

”Never dive without a buddy”

Diving is a buddy sport and you can’t dive without a partner. If something ever goes wrong, you can’t scream for help. So you need to watch your buddy with one eye.
The experience was amazing! The most beautiful sights ever! Underwater world is just as amazing as above water πŸ™‚ We saw lots of octopus, clown fish, angel and butterfly fish, trigger fish, nudibranch (yaay!), nail cleaning shrimps (they don’t do a good job but they are cute :D) and much more.
Mic also had a shocking experience when he lost a part of his breathing device while changing the BCD system with the instructor (at 15 m!!) and thankfully the instructor was close so he gave him his air. Phew! Buddy sport πŸ™‚
Diving gives you the feeling of flying and the only sound you hear is the bubbles of your own breathing. Oooom, ooooom πŸ™‚

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