Women traveling in India.

There’s been a lot of talk about how they treat women in India, especially women travelers who look different and have different, more revealing clothes. I actually feel super safe most of the time but I have my boyfriend with me which is a big plus.
Most people we meet are actually men (as women don’t seem to be interested) and they were always friendly and gentle and always started talking to Mic first and later to me, just out of respect.

As this is a totally different country with different culture and religion, you have to respect some rules to be comfortable as a woman.

Few tips:
– dress in loose clothes, which are comfortable for traveling and prevent staring
– long pants are preferable as they are not use to shorts or skirts (not a problem in Goa or Andamans)
– bikini is a no-go, most women here swim in their saris or normal clothes, even in Goa you will be stared at, Andamans on the other hand are very relaxed)
– avoid cleavages and showing skin around the belly or back, short sleeved shirts are the optimum
– avoid dark, empty streets (obvious :))
– be mindful of larger groups of boys, they are braver in big numbers
– be careful when alcohol is involved (like in Goa)

I had only one bad experience when a man grabbed my boob in the middle of the day on a full street. It was not nice. But you can’t predict those things, they happen all over the world.

All in all, I think India is a safe country and I feel good here. peopole are friendly and they want to help or chat a lot. Girls, go for it!

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